The Book Ecosystem of the Future.
An NFT marketplace for buying, reading, and selling eBooks and Audiobooks.
The Book NFT Platform & Exchange

Readers should own the digital goods the eBooks and Audiobooks they buy. BOOK Token, harnessing the power of the Cardano blockchain as our backbone, will create an NFT marketplace and platform that will forever change digital reading. For the first time, readers will be able to buy eBooks and Audiobooks, earn BOOK Tokens for consuming these works, and sell their NFTs in the secondary market. Publishers and authors, equipped with smart contracts, will earn industry-high royalties for first time sales, and royalties on secondary sales in perpetuity. This entire decentralized network will be validated and secured by BOOK Token, the next page in the history of books.



Sell your eBooks & Audiobooks back to an open marketplace as soon as you are finished with them – plus earn BOOK Tokens for every page you read!

Authors & Publishers

We firmly believe you should receive more. More money, more data, more tools. Quite frankly, you deserve better than Amazon.


Cardano, a proof of stake blockchain technology with smart contracts, makes BOOK Token possible.
More than a Token

In order to build out this entire system correctly with new benefits for readers, publishers, and authors, it takes more than just a cryptocurrency. BOOK TOKEN will reward readers, mint NFTS for authors and publishers, verify reading behavior for educational institutions, and power the secondary marketplace. It is the foundation for the reading dApps and validating transactions.

Mobile Platform
A great book is nothing without a great reading app. To be released along with the marketplace & book exchange.
The Native $BOOK Token
How to get $BOOK Tokens

The BOOK token platform and exchange is the first of its kind by using reading to “mine” for tokens. In order to obtain $BOOK tokens, users must purchase NFT books – and then read them. Readers are ONLY rewarded with native $BOOK tokens based on how much they read. The more you read, the more $BOOK you can earn. These Cardano-native tokens are redeemable on the platform to purchase new eBooks and Audiobooks – and also transferrable from the BOOK Token platform to other compatible wallets and crypto exchanges.

Review Our Code

On June 2, 2021, 10 Billion $BOOK Token were minted as native-based Cardano tokens. This is a fixed supply and no more tokens can ever be created. The source for this is available for review at at

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      description: “BOOK UTILITY TOKEN”,
      minting: {
         blockchain: “cardano”,
         mintedBeforeSlotNumber: 31082080,
         type: “time-lock-policy”
      name: “BOOK”,
      symbol: “BOOK”,
      tokenType: “token”,
      totalSupply: 10000000000

Token Distribution
1.5B Tech Development
2.5B Fundraising
3.0B Team & Acquisitions
3.0B Reader Mining
Our Milestones and Project Plan
  • Foundation – CompleteInfrastructure for NFT Books, DRM encryption, SmartContracts, NFT Gating, Book Club Functionality, Transitive Royalties
  • More Book NFTs + $BOOK TokenMore NFT Book Releases, Marketplace and P2P Exchange Launch, Public Crowd Sale of $BOOK Utility Tokens, Onboarding of Publisher Catalogues
  • ScalingSDKs for any external reader implementation, Author/Publisher Tools, Enterprise Marketing System, SmartContract WYSIWYG
  • Genesis – CompleteInitial Fundraising, Team Creation, and Industry Partnerships
  • Mainnet Public Launch – 07.20.2022NFT eBook Platform Launch + First Ever Encrypted NFT eBook + Open Reader
  • Build, Build, BuildMint+Print™ Book Bundling, Asset Management/Internal Wallet Generation, Multi-Chain Integration, Bulk NFT Distribution, Mobile App Release, Read-to-Earn launch, Audiobook Integration, Multi-language Support, Accessibility
  • GovernanceVoting platform, Autonomous Key Management dApp, Fully Decentralized eReader
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